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Advances in proximal sensors to detect crop health status in horticultural crops

Code: 9781801464604
Catello Pane, CREA – Research Centre for Vegetable and Ornamental Crops, Italy

Chapter synopsis: Advances in proximal sensing for targeted application of bioprotectants and biopesticides are crucial for more sustainable horticultural crop disease management. These technologies can help to identify spatial/temporal patterns of disease and provide data for forecasting models. They rely on optoelectronic devices which capture reflected and/or emitted energy from plants, using imaging and/or non-imaging technologies for rapid, non-destructive and contactless diagnosis of disease symptoms. This chapter discusses hyperspectral, multispectral and RGB sensors, thermographic and chlorophyll fluorescence probes. The chapter also discusses about the application of sensors detecting micro-environmental parameters linked to the pathogen lifecycles, which can then be used to predict disease risk.

DOI: 10.19103/AS.2021.0095.06
Table of contents 1 Introduction 2 Optoelectronic devices for detecting disease in vegetable plants 3 Sensors for the detection of micro-environmental parameters related to disease outbreaks 4 Case study: digital and mechatronic applications on baby leaf vegetable quality chain 5 Conclusion 6 Where to look for further information 7 References

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