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Advances in actuation and control in agricultural robots

Code: 9781838797980
Pål Johan From, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway and University of Lincoln, UK; and Lars Grimstad, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway

Chapter synopsis: In recent years, agricultural robots have moved away from being pure sensor-carrying platforms for gathering data in the field into becoming action-delivering platforms providing physical interaction with the environment. In this chapter, the actuation methods that are most commonly used on intelligent agricultural robots in order to transform this optimal action into implement behaviour, motion, physical interaction or manipulation are discussed. These actuation methods consist of both traditional actuators that have been transformed into precision farming tools and novel actuators enabled by robotics and autonomous systems. A short introduction to each actuator is presented followed by example uses found in the agricultural domain. The chapter concludes with a case study that looks at how different actuators are used to automate strawberry production.

DOI: 10.19103/AS.2019.0056.06
Table of contents 1 Introduction 2 Electric motors 3 Hydraulic actuators 4 Pneumatic actuators 5 Nozzles and metering orifice 6 Thermal methods 7 Optical-based management 8 Robotic manipulators 9 Control for precision agriculture 10 Case study: automated strawberry production 11 Summary 12 Future trends in research 13 Where to look for further information 14 References

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