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The role of food losses and waste in food insecurity
The literature review covers selected works during the last 10 years. It addresses quantitative and qualitative FLW impacts on the four dimensions of food security and, overall, on sustainable food systems and healthy diets. Among the chapter`s highlights: (i) food insecurity data gaps could be exposed by FLW analysis and quantification; (ii) data on food insecurity should be connected to the data on FLW. The conclusions emphasise the need for future coordinated research, policy development, and private sector as well as civil society engagement to accomplish SDG 12.3, the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition and the Paris Agreement outcomes. 


Food losses and waste in meats
This chapter reviews the extent of FLW affecting meat and the key areas where losses and waste occur. There is a particular focus on poultry and beef and on losses at different stages of the supply chain, from animal production on the farm through to transport, slaughter, distribution through the cold chain and consumption. 


Improving methods for developing new microbial biopesticides
The chapter then focuses on microbial exploration and discovery and draws attention to biological characterization and development of biopesticides. A section on fermentation and formulation is also included, focusing on various fermentation methods and a selection of formulations which are useful to biopesticide production. The chapter concludes by providing an overview of the future of biopesticides as an emerging industry and recommendations for future research. 


The role of biodiversity in agroforestry and other types of smallholder farming
The global supply and consumption of food has increased over the last 50 years. However, due to our focus on increased productivity, our access to diverse and healthy foods has radically reduced. Many people remain hungry and increasing numbers have micronutrient deficiencies. 
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