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Advances in cultivation of pistachio

Code: 9781838798642
Bekir Erol Ak, University of Harran, Turkey

Chapter synopsis: Pistachio is grown most intensively in Iran, Syria, Turkey and the USA. The other pistachio-producing regions are the Near East, North Africa and Southern Europe. The most important characteristics of pistachio nuts from a marketing viewpoint are large size, high percentage of shell splitting, low percentage of blank nuts, high oil and protein content, regular bearing and high percentage of green kernels (although this is a varietal characteristic, it is also related to altitude and time of harvest). This chapter discusses recent advances in the cultivation of pistachio. Following an introduction, a section on pistachio genetics is provided. Then follows information on the climatic requirements of pistachio, which requires a period of chilling as well as a hot, dry climate for fruiting. The flower and fruit characteristics of pistachio are then discussed with information provided on how to plan orchards as pistachio is a dioecious species. Both pistachio cultivars and rootstocks are listed. Propagating techniques (both by seed and budding) are then presented, followed by a discussion on establishing, planting and managing orchards. The chapter concludes with sections on pests and diseases and how to improve crop yield.

DOI: 10.19103/AS.2018.0042.23
Table of contents 1 Introduction 2 Pistachio genetics 3 Climatic requirements 4 Flower and fruit characteristics 5 Cultivars 6 Rootstocks 7 Propagation techniques 8 Establishing and planting of pistachio orchards 9 Orchard management 10 Pests and diseases 11 Improving yields 12 Future trends 13 Where to look for further information 14 References

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