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Advances in conventional soybean breeding techniques

Code: 9781838795566
E.E. Large, E. Beche, D. Mutoni and A. Scaboo, University of Missouri, USA

Chapter synopsis: Soybean cultivar selection techniques and advances in variety development continue to evolve. The planning that goes into selecting superior soybean varieties is currently complicated by changing environments, a growing global population and decreasing productive farmland. In this chapter, the most recent developments in modern conventional soybean breeding techniques are described in relation to sustainable soybean production.

DOI: 10.19103/AS.2017.0034.03
Table of contents 1 Introduction: evolution of the modern soybean 2 The rise of genetically engineered soybeans 3 Genetic architecture 4 Germplasm diversity 5 Seed certification and mechanization for plant breeding 6 Minimizing phenotypic variation due to non-genetic factors 7 Field and laboratory phenotyping 8 Breeding to reduce losses from biotic and abiotic stresses 9 Management and analysis of phenotyping data 10 Soybean cultivation in developing countries 11 Case study: the USAID SIL 12 Summary and future trends 13 Where to look for further information 14 References

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