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Advances in managing arable weed propagules

Code: 9781801464802
Bärbel Gerowitt, University of Rostock, Germany; and Barbara Baraibar, University of Lleida – Agrotecnio, Spain

Chapter synopsis: The soil propagule bank acts as a reservoir from where weeds colonize arable fields and is composed of weeds seeds and ramets, which are fragments from clonal growth of perennial weeds. This chapter first describes the ways by which weed propagules have been historically managed. It then discusses advances in managing weed propagules with a special focus on inactive propagules i.e. those that are not germinated or sprouted. This approach constitutes a novel way to look at propagule bank management as it circumvents dormancy as a protection strategy for weed propagules. Ways of managing inactive propagules reviewed in the chapter include, based on the target stage, crop harvest (weed seed crushing and milling), weed seeds on the soil surface (weed seed predation), weed propagules in the soil matrix (weed seed decay and mechanical destruction of ramets) and the process chains around arable farming (manure or crop biomass transport and biogas plants). Finally, the chapter suggests new avenues for research.

DOI: 10.19103/AS.2021.0098.03
Table of contents 1 Introduction 2 Current and historical management of weed propagules: an overview 3 Advances in managing inactive weed propagules 4 Managing weed propagules: collecting and destroying seeds in crops 5 Managing weed propagules: predating weed seeds at the soil surface 6 Managing weed propagules below ground 7 Managing weed propagules and seeds in modern circular process chains 8 New avenues for research 9 References

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