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Advances in automatic milking systems

Code: 9781801465205
Bernadette O'Brien, Teagasc, Ireland

Chapter synopsis: Technology is becoming embedded in different aspects of agriculture. Specifically, automation of the milking process within dairy production systems represents fundamental change for the operator, the cow herd and indeed the whole farm operation. Adoption of automatic milking requires new thinking for the traditional tasks of feeding, milking and maintaining cow health. The operator needs to change the way in which they manage the dairy business, in assisting the cow in voluntary milking and in interpreting and using data for decision-making and resource management. Automatic milking can bring significant benefits to a dairy business, but it has a high investment cost. If adopted, it is crucially important that its operation is successful. This chapter provides comprehensive information on the different aspects of automatic milking to ensure that the potential benefits of the system are available to dairy farmers and to promote progress of precision farming within dairy communities.

DOI: 10.19103/AS.2021.0090.13
Table of contents 1 Introduction 2 Cow breed 3 Milk yield and quality 4 Feeding concentrate supplementation in automatic milking systems 5 Grazing and grassland management for automatic milking systems 6 Benchmarking and optimising performance using key performance indicators 7 Cow behaviour 8 Training of cows and transition to automatic milking 9 Health and welfare management of cows 10 People and the automatic milking system 11 Impact on labour requirements 12 Use of resources 13 Economics 14 A place for mobile automatic milking systems? 15 Current and future focus of automatic milking research 16 Conclusion 17 Where to look for further information 18 References

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