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Practical application of integrated pest management in greenhouses and protected cultivation

Code: 9781801464666
Bruno Gobin, Els Pauwels and Joachim Audenaert, PCS-Ornamental Plant Research, Belgium

Chapter synopsis: Greenhouse production is at the forefront of using IPM systems to tackle pests and diseases. The shift to IPM was a challenge for growers, but was overcome through research, extension and demonstration of the strengths of biocontrol. We provide examples from ornamental plant greenhouse horticulture with a focus on how: (1) good communication and education of growers is important for facilitating transition to IPM; (2) increased hygiene measures reduced disease pressure and control needs; (3) the success of predatory mites increased confidence in further IPM, especially when adapted to specific greenhouse circumstances; (4) management of broad mite, a difficult and elusive pest, benefited from biological control; (5) adding food to the crop will help establish a standing army of beneficials; and (6) mealy bug control still poses a major challenge, but biocontrol shows promise. We see that the increased use of dynamic spectral lighting, increased automation and multilayer growing will pose future challenges that should be addressed in ongoing research.

DOI: 10.19103/AS.2021.0095.14
Table of contents 1 Introduction 2 Case study 1: Knowledge translation, demonstration and communication 3 Case study 2: Use of good crop hygiene to prevent disease 4 Case study 3: Predatory mites as a major success story 5 Case study 4: The detection and control of broad mites 6 Case study 5: The addition of feed in the field 7 Case study 6: Mealybugs as difficult pests compromising integrated pest management strategies 8 Conclusion 9 Future trends in research 10 Where to look for further information 11 References

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