Are you facing these challenges? 
With limited time and resources, how do I keep on top of the key global research in agriculture? 
I would like access to internationally renowned experts in agriculture? 
What are the new product development/trends in my sector? 
I want to save time conducting my own research? 
if YES, then Agriculture Research Solutions is for you! Find out more... 

How Research Insights are helping these sectors 

Crop breeding 
What are the latest developments in techniques such as hybrid breeding and doubled haploid production? 
What are the most promising gene editing techniques and how are they being applied to the crops you’re responsible for? 
What are the latest advances in understanding the genetics of the key diseases affecting particular crops, plant-pathogen dynamics and what this for future breeding targets and how can I apply them to my work? 
What are the results of genome wide association studies to identify key functional traits? 
Crop protection 
What is the latest research on key insect pests, diseases and weeds affecting particular crops? 
What is the evidence supporting the efficacy of different bioprotectant groups targeting insect pests and diseases? 
How do I best combine chemical, cultural, physical and biological controls for particular crops? 
Animal science 
How can I best balance production and functional traits in breeding programmes? 
What is the latest research on gut/rumen function and what does it mean for animal nutrition and health? 
What is the latest research on welfare issues in extensive and intensive livestock production? 
Food manufacturers and retailers 
What are the key advances in sustainable and socially-responsible methods of production? 
How can I optimise the safety and quality of my raw materials? 
How can I improve the post-harvest storage of fresh produce? 

How we will help solve your challenges 

Our database is comprehensive, up-to-date and updated throughout the year 
It is broken down into manageable themes so is easy to explore 
Our metadata makes it easy to search for the particular review you need 
Each review is written by a leading expert in their field and peer-reviewed to validate its quality 
Each review is self-sufficient overview of hundreds of studies, but links with other reviews to give you a complete picture of the whole field 
Most reviews include advice on where to look for further information if you need it 
Live reference linking allows you to follow up particular references if you wish 

Subscription benefits 

Access to over 1300 of the latest research reviews from any location 
Fully searchable database - Go direct to the research important to you 
Access to the 000's of authorative agricultural experts 
Subscription based so you don't miss out on the new releases 
Updateable with minimum 250 research insights per year 
Online and offline access for you, your teams and your enterprise 
Brand your platform for your organisation and users 
Flexible pricing to suit your personal or organisational needs 


Utilising artificial intelligence (AI) for effective decision making in agriculture 
The major advancements that have been made in computing and technology, coupled with societies’ trust in machine learning, has provided a basis for vast amounts of data to be utilised to improve the rate of production and sustainability within the agricultural sector. 
Potential worsening of food insecurity: What to do? 
With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), health systems globally have felt the impact first-hand. However, equally as alarming is the food crisis that could potentially worsen due to the interrupted services in the economic and production sectors. This of course includes food production and food supply chain services. 
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