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Tree nut cultivation, ecosystem services, biodiversity and conservation

Code: 9781838798666
Gabriele Beccaro, Marta De Biaggi, Chiara Ferracini and Simona Bonelli, University of Turin, Italy

Chapter synopsis: There is growing concern about the impact of overuse of agricultural inputs on the environment which in turn has created a challenge for food production systems that should sustain acceptable production levels while preserving natural resources. It is now well-accepted that a holistic approach is needed to improve management techniques that ensure both nature conservation and stable production levels. In nut crop production the complex interconnections among physical and biological structures, agricultural practices, functions and services strongly influence, and may be influenced by, several aspects such as orchard design, ground cover management and different biological components. This chapter will address biodiversity and conservation issues concerning tree nut cultivation, through an analysis of the ecosystem services and dis-services that may affect, and can in turn be affected by, agricultural practices. It also features sections on tree nut cultivation and biodiversity, and pest management and animal diversity in tree nut orchards.

DOI: 10.19103/AS.2018.0042.27
Table of contents 1 Agro-ecosystem services and dis-services in tree nut orchards 2 Regulating and supporting services 3 Tree nut cultivation and biodiversity 4 Pest management and animal diversity in tree nut orchards 5 Cultural services of tree nut cultivation 6 Conclusions 7 Where to look for further information 8 References

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