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Horticulture physiology & breeding collection

Code: 91684
This is the Horticulture physiology & breeding collection. This collection includes 63 chapters that review advances in crop physiology, genetics and breeding techniques for the following crops: Apples, Bananas, Berries, Mangoes, Nuts, Tomatoes and Vegetables.

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A selection of chapters in this collection:
Achieving sustainable cultivation of litchi: Xuming Huang, South China Agricultural University, China
Advances in avocado propagation for the sustainable supply of planting materials: Jayeni Hiti-Bandaralage, Alice Hayward, Chris O’Brien, Madeleine Gleeson, William Nak and Neena Mitter, The University of Queensland, Australia
Crop improvement in jackfruit: S. Shyamalamma and S. Priyanka, University of Agricultural Sciences, India; and G. S. K. Swamy and P. M. Sampath, University of Horticultural Sciences, India
Lime breeding: a way forward: Muhammad Usman, University of Agriculture, Pakistan; Muhammad Mumtaz Khan and Rashid Al-Yahyai, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman; and Bilquees Fatima, University of Agriculture, Pakistan
Mapping and exploiting the citrus genome: Patrick Ollitrault, CIRAD, France
Advances and challenges in raspberry and blackberry breeding: Ramón Molina-Bravo, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, Costa Rica; Margaret Leigh Worthington, University of Arkansas, USA; and Gina E. Fernandez, North Carolina State University, USA
Advances and challenges in strawberry genetic improvement: Chris Barbey and Kevin Folta, University of Florida, USA
Banana plant propagation methods: Sharon D. Hamill, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Australia
Conserving banana germplasm through field genebanks: Mike Smith, Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Australia
Advances in marker-assisted breeding of tomatoes: Junming Li, Institute of Vegetables and Flowers – Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), China
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