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Recent developments in multi-trait selection in dairy cattle breeding

Code: 9781786765550
Peter Amer, AbacusBio Ltd, New Zealand; and Tim Byrne, AbacusBio International Ltd, UK

Chapter synopsis: Selection indexes, and their underlying breeding objectives, are widely used in dairy cattle breeding, and indexes tend to play an important role in selection decisions made by commercial farmers in many of the more advanced dairy industries within well developed economies. This chapter describes the key role of multi-trait indexes in dairy cattle breeding, how this role is evolving, and consequently, the methods used to establish the weightings in the indexes. Finally, the chapter looks ahead to future research trends in this area and provides guidance on further reading on the subject.

DOI: 10.19103/AS.2019.0058.08
Table of contents 1 Introduction 2 Calculating economic values, breeding objectives and selection indexes 3 The importance of national indexes 4 Evolution of indexes 5 Approaches to deriving index weights 6 Surveys of farmers and farmer preferences 7 Differences in indexes across countries 8 In-country differences in trait economic values 9 Accounting for correlated influences 10 Frequency of revision 11 Traits important to society and non-market values 12 Future trends and conclusion 13 Where to look for further information 14 References

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