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Organic mango production: a review

Code: 9781838794514
Víctor Manuel Medina-Urrutia, Jaime Eduardo Reyes-Hernández, Gil Virgen-Calleros and Enrique Pimienta-Barrios, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico; and Marciano Manuel Robles-González, Campo Experimental Tecomán, Mexico

Chapter synopsis: In recent years the demand for organic mango, along with the health concerns of consumers, has increased. Few technologies are currently available to support organic mango production systems in the main mango-growing regions. This chapter explains current technologies for field sustainable and organic mango production and postharvest processing. The chapter describes the importance of climate and soil selection, selection of cultivars and rootstocks and soil preparation and planting. The chapter addresses issues arising from the management of established mango orchards including weed control, irrigation and pest and disease management. Finally, the chapter compares organic and conventional systems of mango production.

DOI: 10.19103/AS.2017.0026.12
Table of contents1 Introduction 2 Climate and soil selection 3 Cultivars and rootstocks 4 Soil preparation and planting 5 High density, pruning and shading 6 Management of established mango orchards 7 Weed control 8 Irrigation 9 Flowering habit and induction 10 Pest and disease management 11 Comparing organic and conventional systems 12 Conclusion 13 References

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