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Making integrated pest management (IPM) work in sub-Saharan Africa

Code: 9781838797638
Danny Coyne, IITA, Kenya; Michael Abberton, IITA, Nigeria; Sounkoura Adetonah, IITA, Bénin; Maria Ayodele, IITA, Nigeria; Laura Cortada-Gonzales, IITA, Kenya; Brice Gbaguidi, IITA, Bénin; Stefan Hauser and P. Lava Kumar, IITA, Nigeria; Peter Neuenschwander, IITA, Bénin; Marc Schut, Wageningen University, The Netherlands; Manuele Tamò, IITA, Bénin; and Abou Togola, IITA, Nigeria

Chapter synopsis: Losses to biotic threats remain among the most important factors affecting crop productivity in the predominantly complex smallholder systems of sub-Saharan Africa. The unavoidable intensification of crop production will further exacerbate pest problems, and pest management needs to respond accordingly. This chapter reviews key challenges and needs for implementing safe and effective integrated pest management (IPM) in Africa, concentrating on cross-cutting issues, such as provision of healthy planting material, pesticide use, gender sensibility, improved collaboration with authorities and partners, and exchange with farmers through Farmer Field Schools and Farmer Field Fora.

DOI: 10.19103/AS.2018.0043.16
Table of contents 1 Introduction 2 Healthy planting material 3 The role of pesticides 4 Gender access to IPM 5 Improved exchange with farmers 6 Improved collaboration 7 Future trends and conclusion 8 Where to look for further information 9 References

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