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Improving production and utilization of sorghum in Asia

Code: 9781838795511
Aruna C., B. Dayakar Rao, Vilas A. Tonapi and T. G. Nageshwar Rao, Indian Institute of Millets Research, India

Chapter synopsis: Sorghum was once a major crop in dry regions. However, its production area has decreased drastically, especially in Asia. In order to revitalize sorghum production, we must reorient sorghum research in the contexts of present and future demands, and resolve specific production constraints, thereby improving productivity. This chapter analyses the sorghum production system in Asia, comparing it to the global situation and identifying important constraints. It then reviews potential measures to improve sorghum cultivation in Asia, including genetic improvement, improved processing technologies, marketing strategies and policy measures.

DOI: 10.19103/AS.2017.0015.28
Table of contents 1 Introduction 2 The sorghum production scenario in Asia 3 Sorghum utilization in Asia 4 Constraints on sorghum production in Asia 5 Genetic improvement of sorghum 6 Seed systems 7 Measures to improve sorghum cultivation in Asia and future prospects 8 Conclusion 9 References

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