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Genetics and genomics of egg production traits in poultry species

Code: 9781786767752
A. Wolc, Iowa State University and Hy-Line International, USA; and J. Arango and J. E. Fulton, Hy-Line International, USA

Chapter synopsis: The consumption of poultry eggs has been increasing globally. Increases in production and efficiency while considering both animal and human welfare are needed in order to meet this demand. The underlying genetic components that influence these traits are still largely unknown, though multiple studies are gradually identifying genetic variation that impacts these traits. In this chapter, we focus on egg production, describe the various traits under selection in layer breeding programs, their interactions with other economic traits, and show the improvements that have been achieved in recent decades. Information is summarized for the major poultry species, including chicken, turkey, quail and waterfowl. Methods discussed include traditional and genomic selection, as well as genome-wide association studies and identification of candidate genes for egg production in poultry. Significant progress has been obtained for egg production not only for the production of table eggs but also for the multiplication of meat birds.

DOI: 10.19103/AS.2020.0065.10
Table of contents 1 Introduction 2 Measurements of egg production: partial and total egg production 3 Measurements of egg production: oviposition time 4 Measurements of egg production: clutch traits 5 Measurements of egg production: egg production curves 6 Biological traits related to egg production 7 Studies of genetics and genomics of egg production in broilers 8 Studies of egg production in quail 9 Studies of egg production in turkeys 10 Studies of egg production in waterfowl 11 Conclusion 12 Future trends 13 Where to look for further information 14 References

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