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Banana plant propagation methods

Code: 9781838793395
Sharon D. Hamill, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Australia

Chapter synopsis: The ease of banana propagation by taking a sucker and simply planting it has allowed farmers to multiply their banana selections and share them. The banana sucker is a resilient form of planting material as the growing point is protected within the sucker, which contains a corm with a starchy store that allows the plant to readily re-establish. This chapter briefly describes the basic anatomy of the banana plant required to understand the part of the plant used for propagation. The chapter then describes the various practical aspects of banana propagation using either conventional planting material or tissue culture plants and the benefits and disadvantages of each method. The chapter looks ahead to future research trends in the area of banana tissue culture.

DOI: 10.19103/AS.2017.0020.12
Table of contents 1 Introduction 2 Background to banana evolution 3 Banana morphology and vegetative propagation 4 Bits and suckers 5 Propagation using conventional planting material 6 Banana tissue culture 7 Liquid culture systems 8 Banana off-types and how to reduce them 9 Future trends and conclusion 10 Where to look for further information 11 References

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