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Advances in understanding boron cycling in soils, uptake/use by plants and ways of optimizing boron use efficiency in crop production

Code: 9781786766601
Heiner E. Goldbach, University of Bonn, Germany

Chapter synopsis: This chapter starts with a short overview of the actual knowledge about functions of boron (B) in all living systems. Thereafter, a more detailed insight into the special topics of B chemistry is given. The behaviour of B in soils, the factors leading to low or phytotoxic concentrations of B in soils and forms of B fertilizer are addressed. The functions of B in plant metabolism are discussed, including some recent information about potential further functions of B in addition to the cross linking of the small cell wall-bound pectin rhamnogalacturonan-II (RGII) and how B deficiency symptoms could be explained. How to assess the B status of plants and soils is explained. The ways to supply B fertilizers in foliar and/or soil applications are stated, considering the differences in B phloem mobility in different species.

DOI: 10.19103/AS.2019.0062.17
Table of contents 1 Introduction 2 Boron chemistry 3 Boron occurrence in soils and availability 4 Functions of boron in plants 5 Boron uptake and transport 6 Assessing the boron status in soils and plants 7 Boron fertilization 8 Conclusion and future trends 9 Where to look for further information 10 References

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